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Intercontinental Exim Corporation Company, Based in Pune, Maharashtra,(India). Our company is involved into "sourcing and procurement" like automotive & non-automotive components. We started our journey with Sunil stampings & assemblies in 1997 with Tier I companies like TATA Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Bajaj,JCB,etc. Further we explored our wings in sourcing of these components, over a decade of on ground experience & under effective leadership; company has grown miraculously and scaled new horizons of success. Today we have well versed network of various suppliers with best in class facility centres who can source us Automobile/ Non-Automobile Product such as Sheet Metal Press Component / Fabricated and Welded components/ Metal Parts/ Machining Parts/ Graded Fasteners/ Forging Components/ Casting Components. Our well experienced management possesses in depth knowledge of product requirements & we source in accordance with international standards that surpass client’s expectations. All our projects are monitored by an independent third party quality inspector. We are not a trading company or a mediator company. We step into client’s shoes and understand your need, and then we find appropriate a manufacturing facility that can make your part/product at a competitive rate and with quality assurance.

Quality Assurance:

As a customer-centric organization, we firmly believe that total satisfaction of the clients can be attained by offering quality products. Hence we follow the customer requirements very stringently. Besides, these products are strictly tested on the parameters of size, dimensions, accuracy, finishing, raw material etc. We have been working together with many well selected manufacturers, who make products with remarkable cost performance for our export business. There is a QC department in our company to carry out factory inspection before delivery. Most of our staffs are electrical and mechanical engineers with more than 18 years’ experience on export business.
We always provide our customers with qualified products and the best service. Surely we have enjoyed high reputation among our customers all over the world. Regular orders make our company develop stability. We will be glad to establish long -lasting friendly business relations with all business partners worldwide. Warmly welcome you to visit to our homepage. Would you please read them carefully and find what particular items you are interested in, then send us your specific enquiry for quotation. If you need more information about our products or you are seeking for other items from us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We shall be at your service.
We have a stable factory network working for orders of any quantity. Our experienced QC department conducts on-site testing and auditing in each of our partner factories. Every product is assured to meet the quality standards required by your target markets. This is why our buyers keep placing repeat orders.


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    VMC-CNC precision machine parts

    Machining Parts

    Intercontinental Exim Corporation Company produces the most looked for after scope of CNC /VMC Precision Machined components which are widely utilized…

    Sheet metal press parts

    Sheet Metal Press Parts

    We are one of the main producers, providers and exporters of Automobile Non automobile Sheet Metal Parts/components. We manufacturer Press Parts and Press…

    Welded parts & Faebricated parts supplier

    Welded Fabricated Parts

    We are a conspicuous producer, provider and exporter of an extensive variety of Sheet metal Welded Parts and Fabricated Welded Assemblies. Solid, best…

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    Company strength

    Strengths of the Company:

    • Compliance to international standards & norms.
    • Ability to meet the bulk as well as small demands of the clients
    • On-time delivery
    • Strong distribution network
    • Pool of proficient professionals and engineers.
    • Prime location for transport
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