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Cast/Forge Parts

Casting and forging components

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Casting and Forging Components

Intercontinental Exim Corporation Company is well known Casting & Forging components supplier, producers and exporters from India. We can source forged products in a range of different materials, including STAINLESS STEEL, High carbon, Medium carbon, Low carbon, ALLOY. We are ISO 9001:2015 guaranteed supplier and exporter of  in agricultural forging, automotive forging, conveyor forging, forging for mining, saddler forging, safety equipment forgings, shipping & lifting equipment forgings, vintage motorbikes forgings, diving equipment forgings, lock forging, etc. We offer these items in different sizes and different details to the customers. Every one of the items offered by us is made in adherence with the worldwide quality guidelines

Today we are one of the best casting components supplier & exporter from India. We offering end-to- end solutions across the entire value chain and delivering best-in- class Gravity & Low Pressure casting (Aluminium Casting / Ductile Casting / Green Sand Casting /shell casting) to our customers at the most optimum costs. We are also pioneers of the unique Pie system for low pressure die casting – a system which enhances productivity with minimum utilization of resources like machines, space and manpower.

To learn more about Casting & Forging Components and our other services, please contact Incoexco.

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